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Upon entering the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1989 I pursued a BA Degree in Rural Development with an emphasis on Community Research and Cultural Documentation.  The main development that I concentrated on was Rural Cultural Tourism.  It and Cultural Documentation required a lot of multimedia and video production for advertising and educational presentations.  I worked full time for six years on my BA Degree because I kept doing course projects that educated me while working on the actual projects.

For a Masters Degree I continued working on multimedia and video productions to pursue an Interdisciplinary Degree in Cultural Documentation through Multimedia from the Art, Journalism and Communication Departments.  Again, I spent many years working on the degree and have more than twice as many credits as required because I kept working on actual projects.  I am at present working for Doyon Tourism using all of what I learned and still taking courses to learn more.

Kantishna Roadhouse Quick Time Movies is a CD that is available of sale from Doyon Tourism.
Click Picture for Quick Time Movie that has been reduced in size and quality for streaming over Internet.

To see other Wildlife Quick Time Movies I have shot and produced for Doyon Tourism Web Site visit:

My wife, Mie Kojima-Boyd, and I market and manage
5 STAR LOG CABINS Alaska Vacation Rentals. 
We are producing Brochures and Web Site:

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Specializing in Multiamedia, Video Production, Internet Marketing, and Web Site Authoring
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While in college I worked on course projects that help me establish, develop, market, and manage Arctic Village Tours for the Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government.

For the marketing I worked on multimedia course projects that helped me create
in both Japanese and English marketing materials such as:

  • Brochures and information booklets.
  • Newspaper and magazine adds.
  • Web Site
  • TV commercials that aired.
  • Video Productions for trade shows in Japan and for airing on PBS.

  • Top
animated gif. AVT
An animated gif. Arctic Village Tours Logo in Japanese

Video Production

I have produced several video productions both as student projects and professionally that were in both analog and digital formats.  I am able to do all components of production myself including:
  • Producer and Director
  • Writer and Editor
  • Camera Man
  • Computer graphics and animation
  • Musical scores.
My most recent production "Kantishna Hills Pioneers" was done professional for Doyon Tourism.
For other productions produced see Resume under Student Video Projects and Work Experience - Video Productions.

"Kantishna Hills Pioneers" is a Documentary DVD about the Gold Rush Era that occurred in interior Alaska in the early 1990.s The location was both in and near the present day Denali National Park and Preserve.  Joe and Fannie Quigley were the best known Pioneers in the area. Joe was an excellent photographer and this Production was composed with photos he and other residents of the area took.  These photos and historic film footage have been edited with computer animation technology to give an account of the way of life of the Quigleys and other Pioneers in the area.  Click Picture to see sample.

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