The video production, "BROTHER TO ALL MEN" is a documentation of a Native American Hunting Dance. Sixty-four year old, Ben Boyd "BROTHER TO THE WOLF" has lived a Traditional Native Subsistence Way of Life in Alaska Indian Villages since 1975. He performed the dance while there was a shortage of caribou meat which was the main source of food for the villagers. The caribou migrated by the village around mid August, but it was getting late, and they had not come.

The spiritual leader of the village ask Boyd to go up on the mountain and dance and pray for caribou to come. Boyd took his Indian cloths and a video camera to the mountain and danced all day while moving the camera on a tripod around to different positions to record the dance. A few days later the caribou came and the village obtained meat.

The dance Boyd did was one that was taught to him by his Indian grandfather. The motions of the dance are not near as important as the mental state of the dancer. While in a state of meditation the dancer prays to summons animals through a form of mental telepathy, as that is how animals communicate.

The dance was not an Alaska Native Dance. The villagers have their own Caribou Dance that they do not do for public viewing.

All components of production and wildlife video footage by Ben Boyd.

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"BROTHER TO ALL MEN" song was Produced, Composed and Preformed by Ben Boyd

The lyrics of the song are the life story of Ben Boyd. From the time he was a small child the thing that interested him most was the cultures and spirituality of all races of people. In his life, he has lived with and participated in the cultures of white, yellow, black and red people. The song explains how he has lived with all these races but always felt alone.

Although he is more white man in the blood than Indian, as a child he spent most of his time participating in Native American activities and learning from his Indian grandfather. He grew up in small white communities in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and did not feel as though he was part of white people. He spent his summers living with his grandfather and Indian danced at Powwows in Oklahoma.
Thus the song lyrics:

When I was born, right from the start
I was a white man in the blood, but an Indian in my heart
Beat of an Indian drum was the beat of my heart
I was a Lone Wolf among white men

In Alaska he lived in Indian villages and did not Indian dance for many years. While staying in the wilderness alone for three months, a wolf came to him and stared him in the eye. Boyd could clearly see that it was time for him to start Indian dancing again and to not be apart from white people. He no longer felt alone but as though he was a brother to all men. Thus the song lyrics:

The Wolf Spirit, gave a new start
I am brother to all men in my heart
Beat of all men's drum is the beat of my heart
I am brother to the wolf and all men


GERONIMO'S POINT Music Video production is a Historical Documentation Video set to the music of Geronimo's Point an original song form the Music CD NATIVE AMERICAN SOLDIER by "Indian Pete and the Band of Brothers". The video presents Historical Photos of Indian Pete's ancestors and other deceased elders from Arctic Village and Venetie Alaska located on Venetie Tribal Lands. The video is a tribute to them and Pete's brother, Jeremiah Peter who died, while still a teenager, in the Christian River during a moose hunt.

Other songs from the Music CD include: Native American Soldier / Indian Rock and Roll / Perfect Heart / Eagle Island Blues / Indian Survivors / Tee Yet Tr"ee / Indian Chief
Some of the songs include lyrics in Native Language.

Pete Peter (Indian Pete) is a Gwich'in Athabascan Indian (who are related to the Apache) from Venetie Alaska and grew up living a traditional native subsistence way of life. He is now retired from the military and is a will known musican and singer in the Interior of Alaska.

The video was produced and all components of production by Ben Boyd. While teaching music for Yukon Flats School District, Boyd taught in seven villages including Venetie. That was where Boyd was Pete's music teacher and helped get him started in music. Boyd had also help start the Arctic Village Band and Venetie Band that Pete played in.

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This Alaska Native American Music Video, "Land of the Great Spirit" is about the relationship that exists between the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Gwich'in Athabascan Indians.The Video in no way expresses any political views about ANWR, but is a Cultural Documentation of the Gwich'in. The song, "Land of the Great Spirit" also in no way expresses any political views about ANWR but was written by Ben Boyd before oil development in ANWR became a National controversy. It was written to honor the Spiritual Beliefs of the Gwich'in Indians.

The Gwich'in Athabascan Indians of Northeast Alaska and Northwest Canada have received physical and spiritual nourishment from the Porcupine Caribou Herd for thousands of years. Hear Testimony by members of the Gwich'in Clergy as to the spiritual relationship that exists between the Gwichi'n, the Creator, the Porcupine Caribou Herd and their caving ground, the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is called by the Gwich'in, "The Sacred Place Where Life Begins". It is called this because it is the birthing place for many species of animals and birds. Though it might appear to be a waste land to people who do not have knowledge of Alaska's Echo Systems, It has vegetation and environment that are essential for the birthing of many animal and bird species.

The song has been added to a Music Video. The original analog video was produced by Ben Boyd as a project for a MA Degree in Cultural Documentation from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2001. This version was revised, digitally enhanced and remastered into a digital format by Ben Boyd. All components of video production and music composed, performed and produced by Ben Boyd ©2010.


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